Fire brigade charity dash to the rescue

Brave crew saves two en route to the boat show

As the 999 Coastal Challenge RIB

arrived at the Southampton Boat Show, the heavens opened, but the six, very wet, firemen aboard were no doubt warmed by the support and applause they received.

Usually carrying four-six firemen at a time, the twin Suzuki

outboard-powered Humber RIB travelled around Britain in nine days nine hours and nine minutes to raise awareness for the fire brigade and to mark the 10-year

anniversary of 9/11.

The blustery weather conditions have played havoc with

the firemen’s schedule, and only a few days ago the crew of the RIB had an emergency rescue of

their own to attend to, intercepting a mayday by two stricken kayakers who were

struggling in the horrible conditions. In winds of up to Force 8 the firemen

successfully rescued the two men. A perfect case of charity in action if there ever was.


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