Fire destroys motor yacht

Blaze rips through new boat in Melbourne, Australia.


owners of a new vessel could only watch as an inferno took hold of their boat,

which reportedly had been handed over just hours before.


people were safely evacuated from the boat when the blaze broke out while it

was moored at Central Pier in Melbourne’s Victoria Harbour.


the minute, the identity of the boat remains unclear but reports suggest it

ranges between 20m (65ft) and 27m (88ft). Due to the lack of large hull

windows, it is unlikely to be European and possibly from one of the many far

eastern builders.


billowed as 40 firefighters tackled the flames from the shore, and a tug was

called to move the yacht away from other boats and prevent the fire from

spreading. People within the harbour area

were warned to take shelter indoors because of the potential danger from the

smoke and fumes.

It took an hour to bring the

fire under control, but damage to the yacht was so severe that it later sank. Concerns

have previously been raised about the number of vessels in the harbour and

firefighting facilities available, and this will only serve to highlight the issues again.