Croatia is home to hotel which promises stunning views


A marina will be built alongside the first rotating hotel
in Europe on Solta Island, Croatia. 

The hotel and marina complex will be built into a hillside
olive grove roughly 35 minutes from the town of Split which itself is only a
2.5 hour flight from London.

The marina will have 120 berths as well as a yacht club,
marine village and performance stage adding yet more to Croatia’s thriving
marine infrastructure. 

The rotating hotel is three storeys tall and 61m in
diameter and will rotate 1.3 times a day giving guests stunning views of either Adriatic Sea, lush countryside or the remains of a Roman Diocletian fish farm. 

The reception and lifts remain
stationary at all times however, with guests entering via an underground passage.

Studio RHE have headed the project after
successfully developing the site of the Croatia Boat Show.

Richard Hywel Evans of Studio RHE says: “We believe
that this is a stunning example of how creative, exciting and bold design can
and should be. We pride ourselves on integrating cutting edge design with the
practical needs of each project site. In the case of Solta Island the need was
simple; every guest should be able to enjoy the breathtaking view and our
rotating design provides just that”.