Fishing boat found on sea bed

Missing boat Purbeck Isle located, and skipper's body found

The search for the fishing trawler Purbeck Isle started on Thursday 17 May when it failed to return to port and other fishing vessels were unable to contact them by VHF.

The body of one of the crewmen was discovered on Friday evening, and police have since confirmed it to be 34-year-old David McFarlane, who was the skipper of the boat. The ships’ other two crew members have been named as Robert Prowse and Jack Craig.

A survey ship, Odyssey Explorer, discovered the wreck lying 10 miles off Portland 50m under water.

Mark Rodaway of Portland Coastguard, told the BBC news website, “After a prolonged and extensive three-day search, sadly, the time has now passed when we could have hoped that the two remaining crew members from Purbeck Isle would be found alive.