Fleet’s flagship arrives in London

HMS Illustrious is in the capital until 15 November

The Royal Navy’s flagshipHMS Illustrioustravelled up the Thames today to begin a six-day visit to the capital.

The 22,500-tonne aircraft carrier is in town for Saturday’s Lord Mayor’s Show and will act as the centrepiece for the Navy’s Remembrance Weekend celebrations.

The Portsmouth-based ship, known as ‘Lusty’ to her crew, will be moored off Greenwich for her time in the capital.

HMS Illustriousstats:

Displacement: 22,500 tonnes
Length: 210m/686ft
Beam: 36m/118ft
Speed: 28 knots
Full Complement: 752 ship’s company, 384 air group personnel
Armament: 3 Goalkeeper, radar-controlled 7-barrel gatling guns capable of firing 4,200 30mm cannon rounds per minute
Aircraft: A mix of Harrier GR7/GR9 jump-jets, Sea King airborne surveillance and control helicopters, Merlin multi-mission helicopters and RAF Chinook heavy-lift helicopters
The Commanding Officer is Captain Tim Fraser who has been with the ship since July 06.

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