Flotilla protest at Yarmouth plans

More than 50 boats gather to oppose the modernisation of Yarmouth Harbour

More than 50 boats gathered off Yarmouth on Sunday to protest against plans for changes to the harbour.

Boat owners from around the Solent joined the protest to voice their concern that the plans to install more pontoons will destroy the character of the Isle of Wight harbour.

The flotilla sailed through the harbour with banners waving and horns blaring.

Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners say the £1.5 million plan to replace a large number of pile moorings in the inner harbour will allow many more harbour users access to electricity and water, as well as enabling them to walk ashore from their craft.

Opponents of the scheme fear the changes will prevent the holding of events such as the Old Gaffers Festival and will turn the harbour into a sterile marina.

They have called on the Commissioners to withdraw their recently lodged planning application and to carry out an extended consultation with visiting yachtsmen as well as local boat owners and businesses.

Picture credit: Daza2020