Footage of river barge getting hammered in Dover Straits

And the award for the boat most out of its depth goes to this river barge, which was rescued by the RNLI in the Dover Straits

The RNLI has released footage of a rescue it carried out after a barge got into trouble in the Dover Straits.

The vessel, apparently trying to get from Belgium to France, was carrying no VHF equipment but the local coastguard lookout station was fortunately monitoring its progress and contacted the RNLI when it was seen to be making no way.

SEE FOOTAGE With no means of communication, the RNLI’s Severn-class lifeboat came alongside and established that the barge was taking on water.

As the wind strength increased to a Force 8, a towline was passed to the stricken vessel. It was finally brought in to Dover some three hours later.  

RNLI Coxswain, Stuart Richardson, said, ‘I would advise anyone undertaking such a journey to have the correct equipment on board and ensure that each crewmember has their own lifejacket. It is always advisable to check the weather conditions before setting out to avoid what could have been a catastrophe. The barge was drifting towards the Goodwin Sands and if the RNLI hadn’t come to its rescue the end result could have been a lot different.”

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MBM understands that the owner has since decided to have the boat lifted and transported to France by road, where it will be used as a houseboat.