Formula 1 expresses concern over Dubai withdrawal

Statement from Formula 1 promoter Nicolo Di San Germano

Following the announcement by Saeed Hareb, Chairman of the World Professional Powerboat Association (WPPA) on December 5 that Dubai was suspending all UIM sanctioned events, Nicolo Di San Germano has make his position clear as the promoter of the UIM World F1 series.

“I have known Saeed Hareb for more than 20 years and have the greatest respect for him. He has raised the profile of the UAE to the highest professional level and the sport of powerboating has benefited greatly from his hard work.
The UIM World F1 Series sees the UAE as one of the foundation stones of today’s powerboat racing and my organisation has made Abu Dhabi its headquarters. I am fully aware of the close association of Abu Dhabi with Dubai and I sincerely hope the UAE powerboating associations can resolve their differences with the UIM to enable the sport to move forward in a professional manner.”

New UIM President Raffaele Chiulli has, in a short space of time made efforts to repair the damage created between the UIM and WPPA by his predecessor but unfortunately because of certain controversial decisions by the UIM, it appears another serious wound has been opened which has led to the decision to suspend UIM activity in Dubai.

Di San Germano goes on: “It is imperative the crisis is resolved as soon as possible and I will do my best to assist in turning this negative situation into a positive outcome. I’m sure once all the parties can agree on an amicable solution, the sport can once again move forward.