Frauscher Boats delivers minimalist dayboat design

Art meets engineering in this contender for the most minimalist boat design yet

We’ve seen a growing trend for minimalism in marine design but this experimental model takes the streamlined biscuit.

RAL 5015 | News | Motor Boats Monthly |

The 22ft speedboat, known as the RAL 5015, was designed by the celebrated French artist Xavier Veilhan in collaboration with Austrian company Frauscher Boats for an exhibiton in Paris on 27 May.

“The unique design corresponds perfectly to Xavier Veilhan’s approach to movement and means of transport,” said a spokesperson for the artist.

With a top speed of 40 knots and seating for eight people the RAL 5015 could make a striking dayboat – providing your guests don’t bring anything with them that might make the sundeck look cluttered.