Australian mining billionaire commissions hi-tech Titanic

A full size replica of the
ill-fated liner RMS Titanic is to be built to re-enact its namesake’s voyage.
Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer said the hi-tech Titanic II will be
built in China and will make its maiden voyage for his new shipping company
Blue Star Line Pty Ltd in late 2016

Palmer said, “It will be
every bit as luxurious as the original.” But then perhaps tempted fate by
adding, “It is
going to be designed so it won’t sink.” Although Titanic II will look exactly
like its predecessor, it will be powered by diesel rather than steam engines
and will carry enough lifeboats to accommodate every person aboard.

communications and navigation equipment will be fitted, and the ship’s hull
will incorporate a bulbous bow, stabilisers, and bow thrusters. “Of course, if
you are superstitious”, said Mr Palmer, “you never know what could happen.”