Give your boat a 250kph tow with this armoured sportscar

Looking for a tough tow car for your motorboat? You might have found it in the Dartz Prombron' Nagel

Promising enough armour to withstand a NATO airstrike as well as the ability to tow a 15m motorboat on its trailer, the Dartz Prombron’ Nagel is the product of a collaboration between a Russian car company and Swedish design house Gray Design.

“Like all Dartz cars, the armour makes it heavy enough to ensure a smooth ride when towing yachts up to five tonnes in weight and up to 15 metres in length,” the manufacturer claims, in a masterpiece of understatement. “But this is no heavyweight Ivan Drago, as the sporting spirit is experienced through the specially created 2000hp engine inside. The projected speed is a staggering 250kph, allowing yacht owners to be the first on the scene for any occasion, be it the seaside or the race track.”

The car will be launched next year to celebrate a particularly meaningful anniversary for Russian RussoBalt, which later became Prombron’ and then Dartz Prombron’. Next year will mark the centenary of RussoBalt founders Andrey Nagel and Vadim Mikhailoff winning the Monte Carlo Rally, a feat which made them and their company world famous. 

They went on to build sports cars, armoured cars, royal limousines and even aircraft, designed

by Igor Sikorsky, who emigrated to

the United States where he built the first workable helicopter.