Government will ask EC for temporary red diesel extension

Treasury will lobby EC to allow "suitable period" before red diesel is outlawed

The Government has promised to lobby the European Commission (EC) to allow a “suitable period” before red diesel is outlawed for use by leisure boaters.

In a heated parliamentary exchange, John Healey, financial secretary to the Treasury, made the pledge in response to a challenge from Alistair Carmichael MP about what the Government would do to make sure the necessary facilities would be put in place in marinas to supply leisure boaters with regular diesel.

Healey said: “We will consult widely on implementing the directive. We will also have to legislate, and implement the changes. I made it clear to the Commissioner that it is important to allow the UK a suitable period in which to translate the Commission’s decision into the implementation of the changes required.

“The Commissioner acknowledged that point, and we will work with the boating associations on that in the coming months.”

MBM will be talking exclusively to John Healey next week, and we hope to be able to make the interview available online.

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To read the full transcript of the debate, go here.