Guernsey dumps proposal to tax marine fuel

Island's chancellor says step is "positive move for marine tourism"

Guernsey has dumped proposals to tax marine fuel in response to lobbying by the Guernsey Marine Traders Association (GMTA).

It was announced earlier this week that Guernsey was looking to replace road tax with a duty on all fuel, including that for marine use.

But after protests from the GMTA, the proposal “is no longer being contemplated”, the island’s treasury and resources minister Lyndon Trott told MBM.

“The Marine Traders Association made its argument cogently, and as a result we have acted.

“Guernsey will continue to have the cheapest marine diesel and petrol in Western Europe and we will continue to promote marine tourism positively,” Trott said.

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“This is a very positive step for marine tourism in Guernsey.”