Guersney marine fuel review: deadline extended

The deadline for Guernsey-based boaters to give their views on the future of marine fuel has been extended until 30 June

Boaters in Guernsey have been granted a stay of execution with the deadline for registering their views on the future of low-duty marine fuel being extended until the end of the month.

Marine diesel in Guernsey is currently exempt from any duty while petrol used for marine purposes attracts a concessionary rate of duty.

However, following a Budget debate in December of last year, the treasury minister has agreed to conduct a full review into the issue of whether duty of marine fuel should remain less than the rate for road vehicle fuel – the current rate of excise duty on motor fuel for both petrol and diesel vehicles is 37p per litre, compared to 21.8p per litre for marine petrol.

Anyone with strong views on the issue should write to the treasury minister at:

The Minister
Treasury and Resources Department
The States Of Guernsey
Sir Charles Frossard House
PO Box 43
La Charroterie
St. Peter Port