Hamburg hosts tugboat footy

Tugs offer up a World Cup warm-up with a 20-minute game of water football

If you’re at a loose end this weekend, you could do worse than head over to Hamburg to see a game of tugboat football.

Yes, tugboat football.

The unique sporting event takes place at 6pm on the 6th May at the 817th Hafengeburtstag Hamburg.

Five tugboats will attempt to manoeuvre a fender through a goal created by fountains of water from two fire-fighting boats.

Captain Dietrich Petersen, the man in charge of the spectacle, said: “The tugs may not be as nippy as Ronaldinho, but they can certainly manage a quick double pass.”

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After the 20-minute game, the tugs will begin a ballet, pirouetting to classical music and waltz.

Other highlights at the festival, on from 5-7 May, will be a visit fromQueen Mary 2, andMir, one of the world’s finest tall ships.

For more information about the event, and details on how to get there, click here .