Henley Regatta fireworks cancelled

The council has revoked its decision to impose a crucial footpath suspension during tomorrow's Regatta fireworks, forcing organisers to cancel the display

With less than a day until the annual fireworks display at Henley Regatta the council has revoked its decision to allow a crucial footpath suspension, forcing organisers to cancel the event.

The suspension of a very small stretch of footpath was imperative to ensure the event adhered to health and safety guidelines. Despite a verbal agreement between the council and organisers of the display, yesterday Wokingham Borough Council said it would not allow the suspension to go ahead.

Fireworks have lit up Henley Royal Regatta since 1839 and are a major focal point for the Saturday night festivities.

Angie Major of Blueberry Business, one of the organisers of the Regatta Fireworks said, “It’s very frustrating, if we had more time we could try to look for another site but with just a day to go it’s impossible.”

James Brennan of Hofmanns in Henley, also part of the Regatta Fireworks team, said, “This decision is a blow to both the town and us as organisers. To keep the minority happy to the detriment of the majority shows that our old friend. Common Sense, seems to have again been beaten.”

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Picture credit: oepkes.com