HexH2o takes waterproof drone technology underwater

The new waterproof drone from the makers of QuadH2o allows boat owners to film both from the air and underwater

Boatowners looking for a novel way to film their pride and joy will have a new option in 2015, as QuadH2o plans to launch a new waterproof drone camera.

The HexH2o, as it will be known, will have six rotor blades for added redundancy, but more importantly, it can film underwater.

The sealed unit can hold a GoPro action camera, which can film from the air for up to 25 minutes, as well as landing on calm water to film what lies beneath.

Despite being completely sealed and waterproof, this drone shouldn’t overheat, due to a combination of an internal fan and an external heat sink.

The American firm behind the HexH2o waterproof drone plans to offer DIY kits starting at $983 (£633) including shipping.

Those who don’t fancy the hassle of self-assembly and don’t already have their own GoPro can buy the ready-to-fly kit for a little under $4,000.

That’s a lot of money for a drone, but as the footage above proves, the opportunities for combining aerial and underwater movie-making are truly exciting.