Historic Grain Tower for sale

An historic Thames monument goes under the hammer

Offers are being sought for one of the Thames estuary‘s most exclusive properties.

Bidding for Grain Tower, which lies a kilometre offshore at the confluence of the Thames and Medway, is expected to begin at around £500,000.

The tower was built on Grain Spit in 1855 to protect the entrance of the Medway, its guns providing overlapping fire with those mounted on the opposite bank of the river at Garrison Point.

Additions during the 20th century included a raised concrete and stone structure on the roof, and a linked concrete accommodation block built on stilts on the tower’s landward side.

Grain Tower, which is listed as a national monument, is linked to the shore by a causeway which is only accessible at low water.

However it can be reached by boat at most states of the tide and would, says its current owner, be an ideal site for a watersports and boating centre.