Homeless ‘Pirate’ tries to steal Fairline Phantom 48

A homeless 'Lithuanian Pirate' broke into the Fairline and attempted to leave St Katharine's Dock

The owner of the Fairline Phamtom, William Carter, was contacted by the lock control when his boat was turned away from locking, as he had failed to radio ahead, causing suspicion.

Ramunas Slusnys, 33, turned the Fairline around and managed to return to the berth without damaging the yacht.

Before being arrested onboard the yacht, Slusnys relaxed with a bottle of wine.

The Judge, Timothy Lamb said, “It is miraculous that having manoeuvred that boat single-handed around St Katharine Docks no damage resulted to it, which is fortunate for you.”

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Slusnys was sentenced to 18-months in jail, although he was expected to be back on the streets within hours due to having already spent 10 months behind bars.