Hosepipe ban could restrict boat movement

The RYA fears that restrictions may be imposed on the movement of boats by trailer around the UK

The hosepipe ban could mean trailered boat movements are restricted, to stop contamination. Water companies in the south and south east of England will enforce a ban on

the use of hosepipes with effect from Thursday 5th April. 


down boats before they are moved to another location in order to remove any

non-native species that may have ‘climbed aboard’ has been fundamental in

minimising their spread across the country”, said RYA Planning &

Environmental Advisor Caroline Price. “If the hosepipe ban prevents the

thorough hosing down of such boats and no alternative management is recommended

there is a danger that Defra could look to place restrictions on the movement

of boats to different waters in the UK in order to prevent the spread of these



who keep their boats afloat will be affected less and are likely to be allowed

to continue to use hoses to fill tanks with drinking water. Consultations are

taking place between the RYA and Defra on the implications of the ban, but boat

owners are advised to visit www.hosepipeban.org.uk

for further information.