Huge discounts offered on new Sealines with Ancasta

Save tens of thousands on a brand new S29, SC29, SC38 and T50 through Sealine South Coast, Ancasta's flagship Sealine sales outlet

Boat dealer Ancasta is hoping to lure a few buyers back into the market with some huge savings on brand new Sealines.

In its Summer Stock Clearance, Sealine South Coast, Ancasta’s flagship Sealine sales office, has knocked £48,000 off the price of a brand new S29 , £40,000 off a new SC29 , £61,000 off a new SC38 and a massive £79,000 off a new T50 .

For spec sheets, and a list of all the offers on the table, give Sealine South Coast a ring on 02380 450022 or email

Photo: Save £61,000 on a brand new SC38