Introducing the matchstick motorboat

Six years and 45,000 matchsticks to complete 4ft craft

We love hearing about home-built boats, DIY modifications

and self-maintenance. In fact, anything that requires spending far too much

time working on boats interests us. 

So when 38-year-old Darren Myers from Hemel Hempstead got in touch with pictures of his recently finished

project, we were itching to share it with


It may not be what we usually feature in MBM, but we thought

we would make exception for this exquisite model motorboat built over six years

by Myers in his home.

An estimated 45,000 matchsticks went into the 1.3m (4.3ft) model, but once finally

finished, Myers said, ” The idea was to build a model boat to a design that I would wish for in a life size boat.” 

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According to Myers, it has a ‘revolutionary BubbleCut hull’,

although due to the build material, it isn’t waterproof.

Myers already has been talking about plans for his next project, from a 4m (13ft) boat to a model of the Startrek Enterprise.