Iran launch blue submarines

Critics hit out at oddly coloured new subs

Iran has unveiled

a new secret weapon – a bright blue submarine. The boat was officially revealed

during a broadcast on the country’s state television, KSPR, leaving experts discuss the reason for its unusual colour.

It may be that it

is intended to be less visible from the air in the clear waters of the Gulf,

but critics responded stating that green was selected for two other recently completed Iranian submarines. It is also thought that it

could be a publicity stunt to highlight to the world that Iran has the

ability to build submarines.

This latest submarine isn’t the first that has been painted an odd colour, The Royal

Navy submarine Narwhal spent its final days coloured bright orange for use as a

target, while the US submarine Balao was painted pink overall while taking part

in a 1959 Cary Grant fil.

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