Is the Revolver 44GT the superboat we’ve been waiting for?

The Revolver 44GT has pedigree behind that ice-cool exterior

When building a superboat there are some things that you simply must get right. It must be long, narrow and pointy. It must have vast amounts of power, preferably being channelled into the water via running gear that produces a mighty, horizon-obscuring rooster tail.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, it must have a great name. On the face of it, the Revolver 44GT puts a fat tick in every box.

It has a slender, Michael Peters hull mated to a pair of 550hp Cummins diesels and Arsneson surface drives good for 52 knots. Not blistering, it has to be said, but Revolver says that outright speed is not the point, it’s about being able to cruise at 40-45 knots in any weather.

Plus, there’s one in the States with twin 700hp Mercury Racing petrols that does 75mph (65.2 knots) for y’all who love speed. And it’s named after a gun, for goodness sake, with an emblem in the shape of a pistol chamber.

Haven’t we seen all of this before, though? Going by the name of XRS48? And we all know how that turned out.

We have already been out on the water on this beast and will report on whether its hits the spot or not in a future issue.

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