James Bond boat spotted in Spectre filming on Thames

Daniel Craig and Rory Kinnear were spotted in London yesterday when the latest James Bond boat was filmed cruising up the Thames

The latest James Bond boat has been caught on camera as filming for the new 007 movie Spectre got underway on the Thames yesterday (15 December).

Daniel Craig, playing her Majesty’s most famous fictional spy, was seen riding a black and grey RIB near Vauxhall.

Holding onto a handrail on the bow, the star of Skyfall and Casino Royale cut a stark figure all in black. Presumably the producers decided that a luminous lifejacket would somewhat ruin the look.

Accompanied by Rory Kinnear, who plays Mi6 chief of staff Bill Tanner, the James Bond actor made his way up the Thames in the bright December sunshine.

Both men were flanked by a pair of armoured guards – seemingly members of the Marine Policing Unit who had landed a cameo role in the film.

The latest James Bond movie, Spectre, is due out on 6 November 2015 and also stars Christoph Waltz as the chief villain.

Previous Bond outings have seen starring roles for a Fairey Huntress (From Russia With Love), a Glastron GT150 (Live and Let Die) and a Sunseeker XS2000 (Casino Royale).

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