Jersey set to decide 1999 Offshore 2000 title

New international rules threaten this year's series.

Problems for Class III (Two Litre) drivers keen to bring their craft in line with the international rules for the World Two Litre Championship at Cowes in August has affected the viability of this year’s Offshore 2000 series.

Conflicting rules for what most consider identical classes has forced the Offshore 200 organisers to drastically reduce the championship series. Instead of a six race championship at separate venues around the coast, the outcome will now be decided on points aggregate at three races in St Helier, Jersey in June.

The scrutineering will be taking place alongside in the harbour area on Wednesday, June 16 followed by the opening round the next day. Thursday, June 18 has been designated as a lay day either for repair or for racing should weather conditions postpone the first round. The second and final rounds are then scheduled for Friday and Saturday June 19/20.

A good fleet is committed to this year’s series including several newcomers, and following its success last season, Offshore 2000 looks set to become Britain’s leading offshore racing class.