Kalashnikov sets its sights on boating industry

Russian small arms manufacturer Kalashnikov has bought a controlling stake in boating firm Euro-yachting

Having conquered the market for assault rifles, it seems that Kalashnikov Concern now has the boating world in its sights.

The Russian small arms manufacturer has bought a 51% controlling stake in local boating firm Euro-yachting.

The company builds landing craft and fast patrol boats (such as the one pictured above) and its latest addition was a 17m model capable of a top speed of 45 knots.

Kalashnikov Concern hopes to expand the Euro-yachting range and develop a series of high-tech military landing craft.

Aleksey Krivoruchko, chief executive of Kalashnikov Concern, said: “The decision to purchase a majority stake in Euro-yachting is to widen our product line and develop new sectors of our market.”

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At this point it’s not clear whether Kalashnikov will try to influence the design team at Euro-yachting, but if they do you can be sure that the resultant boats will be rugged and reliable. Rumours of a 47ft model remain unsubstantiated.