Kate and William compete in boat race

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge go head to head, dragon boat racing on the Canadian Island home of Anne of Green Gables

William and Kate are set to race against each other today, steering opposing teams in a dragon boat race as part of their tour of Canada.

Kate is not unfamiliar with dragon boat racing, she joined an all-girls team, known as The Sisterhood, shortly after her break-up with William and it is believed that the much publicised photos of her were the catalyst to their reconciliation, so there is a good chance of her beating the Duke.

The Royal race will take place on a lake on Prince Edward Island on the Canadian Atlantic coast, the fictional home of the Canadian sweetheart Anne of Green Gables, a childhood favourite of Kate’s.

Earlier in the day William will show off the skills he has gained in the Anglesey RAF by flying a Canadian Sea King helicopter and landing it on the water in a move known as ‘waterbirding.’ The operation is only practiced once a year by Sea King pilots and was designed as a way of emergency landing on water if the low flying craft were to run into difficulty.

SEE VIDEO of the race