Knock Nevis, largest oil tanker ever built, sold

565,000-tonne oil tanker is to be moved by new buyers to the Singapore area

The world’s largest ship, the 565,000-tonne Knock Nevis, has been sold. The oil tanker is 1,504ft long – 50ft longer than the Empire State Building is tall.

She was built in 1979 as the oil tanker Seawise Giant, but was converted to a floating storage vessel five years ago and moored off Qatar. In that role she can hold 4.2m barrels of oil, which equates to more than $330m at today’s price.  

But don’t expect to see her sailing up the English Channel. Firstly she has a draught of more than 80ft which means she can’t get through the shallower bits, and secondly her buyers intend to move her to the Singapore area.