Leading executive joins P1 Board

Ivan Schouker bolsters powerboat champs

Ivan Schouker has joined the Board of the Powerboat P1 World Championship through his advisory and investment vehicle, Astwood Partners LLP. Schouker is a former Chairman and CEO of American Express Financial Services Europe, and founding head of American Express’ International Strategy Group.

Previously he was Principal with Booz Allen & Hamilton and an investment banker with Banque Paribas. He graduated from Columbia University, the London School of Economics, and the Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Paris.

“Ivan brings to our growing organisation a strategic expertise and deep understanding of international business that will be invaluable in the future development of the P1 franchise,” said Nathan Knight, CEO, Powerboat P1.

He went on, “We are gaining significant momentum with multi-year host city deals, high team entry levels and growing support from major manufacturer’s brands and Ivan has a proven record in business development at the highest levels across many sectors. His appointment to the Board further underlines our commitment to transform P1 into one of the world’s leading motorsport properties and a magnet for leading resorts’ entertainment.”