A lifeboat was called out to rescue a herd of cattle in Wales

Holyhead lifeboat took part in an unlikely rescue on 2 August – saving
a herd of cattle. 35 cattle had somehow managed to get into difficulty in the
River Conwy at Tal-y-Cafn and their plight was reported to Holyhead Coastguard.

The inshore lifeboat rushed to the scene where the crew, in liaison
withanimal welfare teams, helped to herd 32 of the cattle to
the shore. Three others proved more of a problem, however, the strong flood
tide having swept them about a mile and a half upstream.

They were pursued by the lifeboat
and the crew managed to lasso them and bring them safely back to the shore.
“This was certainly one of our more unusual rescues,” said Peter Carradus, RNLI
Lifeboat Press Officer at Conwy, “although the volunteer crew never know quite
what they will face when the pager sounds”.

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