Lifeboat men are women

Station's first all-female crew launched at Kilrush

Kilrush Lifeboat launched on Tuesday with an all-female crew, the first time in the station’s 14-year history that no male crewmembers were aboard the lifeboat. It was, said deputy launching authority Vincent Crowley, a “very proud historical moment for all members of the station”.

The boat was launched with helmswoman Pauline Dunleavy in command, assisted by Csilla Trungel who returned to the station last week after completing a week of intensive training at Poole and passing all examinations. They were joined for the training exercise by probationary crewmembers Brid O’Mahoney and Eve Brennan-Browne.

Since the station was founded the crew has mainly comprised men, with the exception of Paula Dunleavy, although some women had joined but later left because of family or job commitments.

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