Lifeboats launched after lobster attack

Angry lobster sends fisherman flying

Two lifeboats were launched to rescue fishermen who had been attacked by lobsters. The fishermen were using two kayaks to recover lobster pots off Cockenzie harbour, using one kayak to put the lobsters in, but one of the men panicked when a pot was dropped into their own boat allowing the angry crustaceans to escape.

“He has obviously panicked and jumped off the kayak, and it’s capsized as a result,” said Forth Coastguard watch officer Simon Ward. “You can imagine the scene, it was like something from a comedy sketch.”

Members of the Royal British Legion club, which overlooks the bay, alerted the Coastguard who called out lifeboats from Kinghorn and Fisherrow. By the time they arrived on the scene, however, the fishermen had been rescued by one of their brothers using a home-made life raft.

Coastguard officer Simon Ward said the fishermen had been ‘incredibly foolish’ to go out in low light, without life jackets and in kayaks. The cost of the rescue is estimated to be in the region of £4,500.