Liferaft warning

Some BFA Marine and XM/BFA liferafts found to be faulty

Boaters who bought a BFA Marine Pacific, Atlantic or Baltic liferaft or XM/BFA Offshore liferaft between August 1995 and June 2000 have been asked to get their liferafts serviced before heading back out on to the water.

The manufacturer of the products has identified a possible defect concerning the valves on all liferafts made in this period that may lead to some of the liferafts not working.

If your liferaft fits the above criteria, take it to an approved BFA service station, where the product’s valves will be checked and replaced if found to be faulty.

To find out where your nearest service centre is, contact? for BFA liferafts, or
0870 7514666 or for XM/BFA liferafts.

However, if your liferaft has been serviced since 1 March 2003 by an approved service station, then the valves have already been checked and no replacement is needed.