Look out for smaller boats, warns Port of London Authority

The Port of London Authority has launched its latest safety campaign, which urges river users to look out for small and vulnerable vessels

Boatowners cruising up the River Thames should take care when passing smaller and more vulnerable vessels, the Port of London Authority has warned.

The message is part of a new safety campaign, which also urges kayakers, paddleboarders and rowers to wear bright clothing to make themselves more easily visible.

Jon Beckett (pictured above), recreation harbour master at the Port of London Authority, said:

“We also want to make skippers of motor cruisers, sailing boats and commercial vessels, more aware of the vulnerabilities of smaller, more exposed vessels.”

Port of London Authority safety campaignThe seven-part campaign will be backed up by a series of posters (pictured right) to raise awareness of key issues.

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These include the need to keep wash to minimum, the importance of wearing a lifejacket, and being aware of the high traffic density in central London.

The Port of London Authority also urges smaller boats to use the full width of the river and avoid hogging the middle lane, as this is the only navigable channel for deep-draughted vessels.

Local boating organisations can order copies of the posters from the Port of London Authority’s recreational website.

This year’s safety campaign follows on from the Lookout campaign, which was developed last year in conjunction with the Thames Regional Rowing Council.