Luxury cruiser breaks down on return from London Boat Show

RNLI rescuers called to assist a 50ft show boat near the white cliffs of Dover

A 50ft luxury sportscruiser ran into trouble on her return from the London Boat Show on Monday after fuel problems caused engine failure a few miles from the white cliffs of Dover.

The stranded crew called for RNLI assistance at around 6pm while anchored two to three miles off the coast of St Margarets.

But when the seven-man rescue team arrived they found that the casualty vessel was unable to lift their anchor and that the show boat didn’t even have basic tools onboard.

An RNLI crew member clambered aboard with a toolkit to help disconnect and abandon the anchor, a manoeuvre which could have caused “serious damage to both boats”, according to a spokesman.

Deputy Coxswain Jon Miell said: “This was a relatively straightforward rescue for us in calm conditions but I’d like to remind all boat owners that having some basic tools aboard could prevent an unforeseen situation becoming a catastrophe.”

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In spite of our pestering the RNLI refused to confirm the make or model of the boat “just in case it puts people off calling for help”.