Man missing on the Thames as tug boat overturns

The Port of London Authority has closed the Thames at Greenwich as rescue services search for the missing crewmember of a capsized tug

A man is missing after a tug boat overturned on the Thames near Greenwich Pier earlier today.

The Chieftain capsized and sank at 10.53am in Convoys Wharf, Deptford, and one of the three crewmembers is still missing.

The Chieftain had been towing a crane barge when it got into difficulty and sank rapidly.

Chris Lewis, who lives nearby, told the BBC, “I saw two crewmembers scramble off the capsized vessel and they were holding on to the ropes, which were holding the tug and platform together.

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“I could not see if both of them were pulled out but one of them was hauled on to the platform. The tug sunk very quickly, within about 30 seconds. I saw the stern of the tug going under.”

Boats from the Metropolitan Police, the RNLI, the Port of London Authority and London Fire Brigade are still trying to locate the man.

This incident follows the death of Ben Woollacott, 19, a crewman on the Woolwich Ferry, last week.


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