Man overboard on P & O ferry

Clyde Coastguard responded to a call out after a man went overboard on a high-speed ferry last night

Emergency services responded after a man went overboard on a high-speed ferry last night.

Clyde Coastguard received an emergency call shortly after 7pm from the skipper of P&O ferry, Express. The skipper informed the coastguard that he had turned the ferry around and launched the ferry’s fast rescue craft.

Clyde Coastguard launched a lifeboat and a helicopter to help the search.

Tarik Yassin, coastguard watch manager at Clyde Maritime Rescue Coordination centre, said, “The casualty has been recovered by the ferry’s fast rescue craft and is now safely back on board. The casualty is currently receiving medical attention from doctors aboard the ferry and the winchman from the rescue helicopter is assessing the situation. We understand that the casualty will stay aboard the vessel till it docks in Troon; the ambulance and Strathclyde Police will be in attendance and Ayr Coastguard Rescue team will be on scene to assist.”