MBM pushes MEPs into big red diesel effort

Campaign letter goes to every MEP in the UK

This morning, a letter from MBM landed on the desk of every MEP in the land outlining why red diesel is so important to the UK and explaining that one last big push is needed to make sure the derogation gets over the line.

The UK’s application for an extension to the red diesel derogation currently sits with the European Commission (EC), which is yet to make a decision on whether to pass the matter on to the EU Council of Ministers for a vote, or throw it out.

While MEPs don’t have any direct control over the final decision of either body, they remain the best possible conduit through which the feelings of the UK’s boaters can be heard.

The letter is reprinted in full here , and MBM will be posting the replies of MEPs as they come in.

If you haven’t already contacted your MEP, it’s not too late. The EC is still far from a final decision, so now is the time to make sure your MEP knows what’s at stake so he or she can lobby the Commission on your behalf.

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