MBM signs up Lib Dems to fight for biofuel!

Chris Huhne MP commits party to fighting planned biofuel tax hike

The Liberal Democrat Party has joined MBM in fighting the chancellor’s plans to raise the duty on biofuel for boats.

Chris Huhne MP, former MEP and now the Lib Dem’s shadow environment, food and rural affairs secretary, told MBM: “It would be a big mistake for the Chancellor to remove the incentive for boaters to go green.”

MBM learned earlier this month that chancellor Gordon Brown plans to raise duty on biofuel for ‘off road’ use, which includes boating, from 3.13p per litre to 28.35p per litre. In other words, “harmonising” it with road biofuel.

But Mr Huhne said his party was right behind the issue, adding that to go through with this tax hike would completely undermine the UK’s leisure marine industry.

For more on this story, be sure to check out April’s MBM, out 15 March.

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Photo: Chris Huhne MP