MBM’s new plaything

Editor takes delivery of Fairline Phantom 40

Feast your eyes on MBM’s new flagship, Calm Voyager.

Editor Simon Collis took delivery of the Fairline Phantom 40 from Essex Boatyards on Friday.

“Over the course of 2006 we’ll put nearly 400 hours on the clock thanks to the MBM Cruising Club programme and a variety of other uses,” Simon said.

“This is the ultimate boat test, and MBM’s readers will be the first to know how the Phantom 40 performs.”

The boat will be used for product testing, as a photo boat, and is due to appear at the Southampton International Boat Show later this year.

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And, of course, it will be leading out MBM’s Cruising Club on its various trips around the UK and Europe.

A full report of the handover will be featured in June’s MBM.

Photo: Simon Collis, James Barke of Essex Boatyards and Fairline’s James Powell