MBM’s Spot the Pots campaign

Do you find lobster pots a nuisance? Have you ever snagged your prop on a fishing line or lobster pot? Whatever your views, vote in our poll and leave a comment

Each year the coastguard deals with 200-300 incidents where propellers or rudders of boats become snagged on floating lines and fishing gear. Many of these incidents are avoidable, which is why MBM has decided to launch a campaign to introduce mandatory rules regarding the visibility of lobster pots and other fishing gear and to put pressure on authorities to come down harder on those that flout the rules.

In July’s MBM we will set out our mission statement but before we do so we want to hear from boaters to find out the extent of the problem so vote in our poll below and don’t forget to leave a comment. Plus, if you’re a fisherman, feel free to get in touch to share your views.