Missing ‘go-fast’ boat crew not found

Lone survivor says he and crew "were out fishing" after being found clinging to hull of boat on Sunday

The search has been called off for the three missing crewmembers of a ‘go-fast’ boat that was found sinking hundreds of miles off the coast of Jamaica on Sunday.

The incident made news around the world because of the astonishing photo taken by the US Customs and Border Protection agency of one of the alleged drug traffickers clinging to the bow of the sinking boat.

The US Coastguard spent 23 hours combing a 980 square mile area, but was unable to find the boat’s three missing crew and called off the search yesterday.

The lone survivor, a Nicaraguan, was rescued in the nick of time on Sunday by a merchant vessel, which was directed to the site 235-miles off the coast of Jamaica by the Coastguard.

He has denied being a drug smuggler, telling police that he and the rest of the crew were out fishing.

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The boat sank on a route commonly used by drug traffickers to transport cocaine from Colombia to the Caribbean and Central America.