Most popular boat names revealed

'Happy Ours' has been declared 2008's most popular boat name

‘Happy Ours’ has been declared 2008’s most popular boat name in the U.S. displacing ‘Black Pearl’ which took the title in 2007. The list of names was compiled by in collaboration with several other boating-themed websites in the New England-based Nautical Sites Network.

In second place was ‘Carpe Diem’, which translates as ‘seize the day’ or perhaps that should be ‘catch of the day’ for sportsfisher fans, while ‘Aqua-Holic’ was the third most popular. The remainder of the top ten were, in order of popularity, ‘State of Mind’, ‘Anchor Management’, ‘The Office’, ‘Feelin’ Nauti’, ‘Yes Dear’, ‘Sundance’, and ‘Serenity Now’.

‘Liberty’, ‘Second Chance’, and ‘Wanderlust’ are among names which have dropped out of the top ten.