Motorboat crash in Poole harbour leads to investigation

The coatsguard and marine police have launched a joint investigation after a motorboat crashed into a moored yacht in Poole harbour

A coastguard investigation has been launched after a 40ft motorboat collided with a moored yacht on Saturday morning (27 September).

Poole RNLI was called out to the incident at 8:30am after the two unmanned vessels became entangled near Lake Pier, the Bournemouth Echo reports.

Crew from the Poole lifeboat untangled the two craft and then towed the motorboat to a local marina, where its owners were waiting alongside to meet it.

Solent coastguard later carried out a thorough search of the Lake Pier area to find out whether something untoward had happened.

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It is unclear what caused the incident, whether the motorboat slipped a mooring or dragged a buoy, but both vessels suffered damage as a result.

As a result, Solent coastguard and the local marine police branch have launched a joint investigation. Anyone with information relating to the incident is encouraged to contact Solent coastguard on 02392 552 100.

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