Motorboat crash in the Dover Strait

The crews of two boats had a lucky escape on Wednesday after their boats collided in the middle of the Dover Strait

Two motorboats were travelling back to Dover from Boulogne when they collided just 11 miles from Dover Harbour on Wednesday evening.

Thankfully all six crewmembers from the Maid of Unst and Sabreur were rescued, although not before two of the crew from Sabreur (pictured) took to the liferaft.

Lifeboat crews from Dover, Walmer, Calais and Boulogne attended and with the arrival of a Sea King helicopter from Wattisham the decision was made to airlift three of the four crew of the Sabreur to Dover Coastguard as the boat was taking on water – the skipper remained on board to try and salvage his vessel.

The Sabreur was then towed into Dover by Dover Lifeboat while the Maid of Unst was escorted back into Dover by the Walmer Lifeboat.

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Sarah Bray, Dover Coastguard watch manager, said, “All of the six crewmembers are safe and well and there were no injuries.

“Following a serious incident such as this we would encourage skippers to make a mayday broadcast as soon as they can. Seconds can be lifesavers. We would also encourage all recreational boaters to wear correctly fitted well maintained lifejackets at all times whilst on deck.”