A motorboat is lucky to have survived after being attacked by a 3m crocodile.

A boat was attacked by a croc in
Australia. A 5.5m Hydro-Craft was moored overnight near the mouth of the South
Alligator River, about 220km east of Darwin, when the crocodile decided it
might be worth eating.

Peter Dienhoff and Dean Shaw
had spent the previous day fishing, but they were woken around midnight when
there was a large bump which they at first thought was caused by a drifting
log. However within seconds the boat started shaking as if it was about to roll
over, and when it stopped they went aft and shone a light over the stern.

They were confronted by the sight
of a crocodile staring at them from about 15ft away, while damage to the boat’s
outboard motor showed the severity of its attack. “We are extremely lucky”,
said Mr Dienhoff, “This crocodile approached with no hissing or growling as
they normally do before an attack, it just slipped out of the water and grabbed
the outboard.”