Motorboat fire leads to closure of Aberystwyth beach

Local authorities have closed off the promenade and set up a one-mile exclusion zone following a boat fire

A motorboat fire off the coast of Aberystwyth in West Wales has lead to a partial closure of the local beach and promenade, with boat owners warned to keep their distance.

The RNLI responded to a distress call at around 10:30am this morning and rescued the owner, who was the only person on board.

The unnamed male was helped off his 26ft cabin cruiser and taken to a local hospital for tests relating to smoke inhalation.

However, with flares and a gas canister on board, local authorities have decided to let the boat burn out instead of attempting to extinguish the blaze.

Eye witnesses have reported flares going off, which led to a one-mile exclusion zone being set up around the stricken vessel, which was resting at anchor 600m off shore.

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Roger Reed, watch manager at Milford Haven coastguard, said: “Resources were quickly on scene and the man isn’t believed to have suffered any serious injuries.

“The boat is severely ablaze and there is a lot of smoke. We have put out a security broadcast advising other vessels in the area to stay well clear of it.”