Motorboat that launches itself

French designers have come up the novel idea of a motor boat that launches itself

French designers have come up with a new self-launching motorboat. The Iguana 29 incorporates a retractable caterpillar system within its hull, which deploys to allow the boat to crawl in or out of the water on its own tracks and under its own power.

The boat, which was designed by Tanguy le Bihan with fine design work by Antoine Fritsch Associés, was inspired by the topography of the bay of Mont St Michel and the south of Jersey where the tide goes out for miles.

A 40hp petrol engine drives the caterpillar tracks when the boat is ashore or launching, speed ashore being limited to 5mph, while power afloat is provided by a 300hp outboard engine. This gives the semi-planing boat a top speed of nearly 35 knots, and there is seating for up to 10 passengers.