Moven to launch water bath boat cooker at Southampton

The new Moven system aims to make cooking on a boat safer and easier than ever by using the sous vide technique

A new boat cooker, which can let you cook like Heston Blumenthal while at sea, will be on display at the Southampton Boat Show.

Moven is the brainchild of chef and architect Graham Cowe, who came up with the idea while crossing the Channel in his Jeanneau 34.

In essence, the Moven system allows you to vacuum pack your food and then cook it inside a sealed immersion heater or water bath.

This sous vide technique is popular with many haute cuisine chefs, including Heston Blumenthal, but it also removes the risk of your pans slipping off the hob during a particularly choppy trip.

“There was no reason that the hot water chamber couldn’t be safely sealed during the cooking process. It’s a technique that works perfectly well for previously prepared, uncooked meals or even the fish you have just caught or heating up already cooked recipes,” Graham explains.

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Moven is heated by electrical coils and/or silicone strips, which can be powered by wind turbines, solar panels, battery power, the excess heat coming off your engine’s cooling system, or even mains electricity, when you’re moored up in the harbour.

The Moven immersion cooker will be on display later this summer at the PSP Southampton Boat Show (12-21 September).